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Welcome to Bulletproof Comics!

All the latest Bulletproof news, announcements, updates, and general rantings from the Editor-in-Chief!

Bulletproof, SkyJack and Highway Robbery!

Permalink to this Article02/03/09 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: News

Wow, three months sure is a long old time!

For those of you who’ve been in touch recently regarding the lack of USD/JPY site updates, fret not. All is good in the world of Bulletproof Comics and 2009 is looking great!

The BIG news is that I’ve now left my full-time job as Editor of Egmont’s kids’ title, TOXIC Magazine, after working on it for 6 years. While it was an amazing experience, I needed a new creative challenge, and so we’ve set up our own company, SkyJack Publishing. We’ll be primarily focusing on contract publishing for the entertainment industry, making magazines and books for other companies. Coincidently, one of our first new projects is the Official Ben 10 Magazine for Egmont!

The even BIGGER news for Bulletproof Comics is that it’ll now be part of SkyJack, which means we’ll have more time to invest money, people and resources into it to make it as a company and move it forward.

So with that in mind, we’re steaming ahead with a number of comic books, all of which will see print this year. First up is the delayed Bulletproof # 3, which will be printed and made available from our Online Store this month. After that, it’s our intention to release Bulletproof # 4 no later than June.

A lot of you have also been asking about Dave Hailwood and Tony Suleri’s fantastic Webcomic, Highway Robbery. This Bulletproof exclusive strip ends its run soon and we’ll then be packaging the whole lot as a cool one-shot, complete with tons of amazing bonus extras! Speaking of Highway Robbery, check out the next three episodes here.

After that, we have a number of other titles in the works, but more on those soon.

Convention season beckons and we’ll be out on the road again, appearing at a number of shows. Again, more news soon on where we’ll be and our Con Exclusives!

So that’s the latest Bulletproof Comics news, following a slight hiatus. More updates soon… honest!

Happy Bulletproof Christmas!

Permalink to this Article22/12/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: News

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of the year? Where the heck does the time go?!

2008 has been really productive for us here at Bulletproof Comics, with two regular issues of our anthology completed, along with Bulletproof # 0 and # 1/2 sampler issues, a Marren Kane one-shot and more. The BICS was a real highlight, giving us the chance to mix with comic fans and pros alike.

As for 2009? Well, things have been a little quiet here lately, but we have some big, BIG news coming early next year! Our lips are sealed for now, but check back mid-January for more exciting developments…

Also on the horizon in January is the overdue Bulletproof # 3 which has been completed and due to be printed soon. We’ll also be putting out a number of one-shots in early ‘09, followed by Bulletproof # 4 and more specials once we hit the Con season.

Speaking of which, we’re hoping to make a splash at Hi-Ex, Bristol and the BICS next year, so keep you eyes peeled for more info.

In the meantime, here’s a bumper end-of-year dose of the fantastic Highway Robbery webcomic, courtesy of Dave Hailwood and Tony Suleri.

Seeya in 2009!

Overdue Bulletproof Update!

Permalink to this Article19/11/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: News

Nearly a month between updates? Oops! What the heck have we been doing??

Alas, as often happens, real-life has been intruding into the Bulletproof universe and there’s been no time to update the site recently. That’s not to say we’ve been taking things easy though. No siree!

Right round the corner is Bulletproof issue # 3, now due for release pre-Xmas. We’re making a few tweaks to the comic, but it’s still on track to see the light of day in 2008.

After that we’ll be putting out a couple of specials from Bulletproof creators. More info on here soon.

Then we have Bulletproof issue # 4 scheduled for early ‘09, and more creator surprises that’ll entertain you and expand our publishing empire.

For now though, we have double webisodes of all our online strips for you including Highway Robbery, Ex Astris and Faceless.

And once you’ve checked those out, take a peak here at a preview of Bulletproof issue # 3. Enjoy!

New Webcomics!

Permalink to this Article27/10/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Announcements

Here’s the first of a few site updates this week, as we’ve got lots of great stuff you share with you!

For starters, there’s the latest webisode of the ace online comic, Highway Robbery. You can check it out HERE.

Next up is the slightly-delayed third episode of the Sci-Fi hit, Ex Astris. Created by John Freeman and Mike Nicoll, you can catch up with the strip HERE.

Finally, we’re proud to announce that we’re kicking off the third of our exclusive webcomics today! Faceless is the brainchild of Dave Hailwood and Dave Thomson. In Dave’s own words it’s “the adventures of a psychotic headless robotic assassin". And that sold us on it!

Enjoy the new web comics and check back soon for a preview of Bulletproof # 3!

Site Update + New Highway Robbery!

Permalink to this Article19/10/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: News

Another weekend, another site update!

First up, Bulletproof # 3 is swiftly nearing completion and should be winging its way to the printers within the next two weeks. Preview pages will be up here for you to check out in the next few days.

Secondly, we’re in the process of getting review copies of Bulletproof # 2 off to comics press around the globe, and will be submitting issue # 1 and # 2 to Diamond Comics for possible distribution.

Finally, here’s the latest Highway Robbery webisode from comic gods, Dave Hailwood and Tony Suleri!

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