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auth28zNot an imaginary story! Not a What If..! Yes, folks, as unbelievable as it seems, this is indeed a new issue of The Authority. Delayed for nearly a year (following the sudden departure of artist Frank Quitely and various suspicious factors), the current storyline, ‘Brave New World’, slowly drags its controversy-riddled corpse towards the finish line.
Of course we’re not quite there yet as it’s recently been announced that current penciller Art Adams is to jump ship after this issue, to be replaced on the final part of the story by Gary Erskine. Hey, kids… do you get the feeling there’s more going on here than meets the eye? However, delays not-withstanding, this is another amazing issue, packed with the kind of cartoonish violence and over-the-top characterisation we’ve come to suspect from uuber-writer Mark Millar. The new Authority’s reign of terror comes to a well-deserved (and vicious) end as The Midnighter breaks into the Carrier and takes the replacement team down one-by-one. Not that we actually get to see any of the suggested carnage though, as it’s pretty clear someone’s performed a spot of editorial surgery on this issue. Panels appear to have been heavily re-drawn and it’s often difficult to figure out what’s happening from one page to the next.

We’re also left with a shocking conclusion that’ll leave you gagging for the next issue, but try to contain yourself as that too has been delayed once again. Art Adams always provides insanely detailed art and it’s great to see him handling something other than covers for a change. There are tons of his usual visual in-jokes to spot, including blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em appearances from the likes of Gandalf and The Authority’s own Jack Hawksmoor (check out the first frame of the New York panel). It’s just a shame he’s only drawn two issues as I’d definitely like to have seen more.

As the series comes grinding to a halt, it’ll be interesting to see how DC/Wildstorm handles this monster hit. On the one hand they have an incredibly popular team book that outperforms its nearest rivals in terms of sales and yet the controversy surrounding the book seems to make the publisher want to bury it with the minimum of effort. However, with a strong fanbase and potential future projects in the pipeline, it seems that news of The Authority’s imminent demise has been greatly exaggerated…